Monday, July 25, 2011

Art Camping

Day 1:

It finally rained today and the heat wave has broken. Just in time for the camping trip to begin.

I arrived in Wilberforce around noon with my cat Mina - my companion on the trip this summer. I pitched the tent and took her on a walk around our spot. She ate some grass and then had some food and water. I took a nap after the long drive and woke up to write this post.

I am not sure if I will paint today, but the week is just starting. A bear was spotted recently on the property so while the tent is up, sleeping will be in the hatch of the suv. The pads and sleeping bag fit nicely and Mina likes it better anyway.

More tomorrow!

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  1. Oui le camping devient aussi un art... Votre animal de compagnie ne semble pas souffrir de passer du temps avec vous... gros bisous.


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