Sunday, July 17, 2011

Private Island Plein Air

Yesterday a member of OPAS invited us to paint on her private island in the Muskokas. Rose Island is a lot-sized rock on Kahshe Lake just north of Orillia, ON.  The views from the Island were just magnificent. You can make a painting from almost every angle along the shore.

While I missed the morning light because of the late arrival to the lake, and also the evening light because I didn’t want to over stay my welcome, I managed these two paintings with what ever light I was given.

The first one was towards mid-day and the light was flat, but I was able to give a feel for the distance I think. The area is known for its crop of rocky islands and evergreen pines. The smell of pines on the island was so beautiful. It reminded me of my childhood days in the mountains of Lebanon.

Small Island on Khashe Lake 500
Small Island, Kahshe Lake, oil on panel, 8”x10”

The second was towards the mid-late afternoon and I decided to zero in on a corner of the scene and accentuate the light. Notwithstanding the buzz of the annoying sea-doos, the lake was so peaceful. A real spiritual experience with loons calling in the background just for good measure.

Kahshe Lake, Towards Oak Road 500
Towards The Mainland, Kahshe Lake, , oil on panel, 8”x10”

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  1. La paix, le silence se lit dans votre peinture...
    Gros bisous


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