Monday, July 11, 2011

Up The Hill–plein air painting at Scotsdale Farm

Summer is finally here. The tentative spring yellow-greens have turned darker and richer and the fields have moved to the yellows and reds around the farms and hills. It is glorious and hot and muggy and oh so sweet. I love it!

This is the season for all day painting. Out in the fields or better yet closer to running water where you can dip in to wash away the heat and refresh your soul.

I was out all day last Saturday at Scotsdale Farm, one of my all time favourite sites to paint. It is a heritage site that has been left to go back to nature and the themes here are endless. I did three paintings that I hope to share with you in time. Here is the first one that I did in the morning.


Up The Hill, Oil on Primed Panel, 8”x10” $300

I am really happy with the abstraction in this one. The economy of brush strokes and the dancing shapes really bring out the feelings and spirit of the day.

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  1. Une touche intéressante... L'atmosphère serein de ce lieu se fait largement sentir dans cette peinture.
    Gros bisous


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