Saturday, September 03, 2011

Studio Idea

I have been painting up a storm in the past few weeks, but I have decided to keep most of the works away from the public view so that you can enjoy them all in my online exhibition in October.

So this blog has been silent for a while, and I thought I would share an idea that has made a lot of difference for me in my studio.

You see, my studio is tiny. A little corner room in the basement. Lighting is an issue especially since I am accustomed to working under outdoor light, but what is really important to me is to see my work  6-8 feet from the surface. 20110903_1946That is how the work will be viewed on a wall so I must be able to see it from that distance while painting.

What I have done is to set up two mirrors one to the side of my home-made easel and one in the back about 5 feet away. I angled the mirrors so that when I am painting, I can look to the side of the easel and see the work without having to step away. I have even gotten into the habit of painting while looking in the mirror.

The photograph shows the image in the mirror much smaller that it really is when painting. Oh, and I am sorry about the mess Surprised smile


  1. Wow, that is great! Thanks for sharing this, I would like to try something similiar. Nice to see your mess, don't apologize. I say life is for living not cleaning. :)

  2. Hello Zan. I am glad to find your blog once again. My name is Lorna Schmidt and I did belong to OPAS in its beginning years. This past weekend I was at an International Plein Air Event Worldwide that was held in Rockport, Ontario, a quiet village on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. This is going to become an annual event. If you are interested or feel that the members of OPAS would be interested I have put photos and links on my Art Notes Blog: http:// today.
    This is a beautiful area of Ontario, also north and also on the Laurention Shield.
    You must be proud of your work re OPAS and it appears to be growing quite rapidly.
    Sadly, OPAS is not known in this area.
    Good to have found your blog again.

  3. Hello Zan. I am delighted to have found your blog again. I used to belong to OPAS. This past weekend, I visited the International Plein Air Worldwide event held at Rockport, ON, a village located in the Thousand Islands, on the shore of the St Lawrence River. This is to become an annual event and I thought you and other OPAS members might be interested in travelling this way. Rockport is north and also on the Laurentian Shield. At any rate, if you wish to look at some photos or links concerning this event you may go to my Art Notes blog


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