Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Most important advice about painting


Whenever I can, I get into my studio and paint. Sometimes I have something in mind - an idea, a painting is shaping up in my mind. Other times there is nothing. But that is OK too.

Just sitting there and playing with colours/ lines/ shapes is an important part of the creative process don’t under estimate it. Even if you come up with nothing at all. It is not always about the end product. It is mostly about the journey. You need the "letting loose" without a goal in mind to let your brush wonder, your mind float and your eyes see through the haze of nothingness.

Look at what the cat dragged in . I had some fresh paint on my palette and didn’t want to lose it, so I put up this old failed landscape (Not ashamed to say I have a few of these) and started playing. Soon shapes started forming. I started seeing something happening and started working on it. I added some lines in Photoshop just so you can see it better. I really didn’t have much time, but I will go back to it soon to bring it out. It may fail or it may turn into something wonderful. It doesn’t matter. The experience is always thrilling.



  1. Une belle apparition... Juste laisser aller son ressenti et avoir les pinceaux heureux...
    Gros bisous

  2. The process of "finding" work within the every day wandering of life is so exhilarating. As a writer, occasionally, I read through a journal I keep for fun. I write to clear my head most times, but occasionally within the pages of my mental debriefing I find a few lines that lead to a poem. The discovery is always enlightening, especially when something so mundane or simple begets something so full of life.

    Great post. SOOOO true.


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