Monday, May 14, 2012

Pin to Win! Let's have some fun!

I am taking on a project to create 100 new works in the shortest time possible (not saying 100 days… I just can’t). I am trying to build up areas in my technique both in oils and in watercolors and there is nothing like practice to do that. Some of these are going to be great, and others will be filed away. Here is where you come in. I need your help!

I am looking for photos THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN that would inspire me to paint something in them. You can win a free painting this way. Here is how:

If you have a photograph that you have taken yourself that you wish me to consider painting, please pin it on PINTEREST with the hashtag: #ArtistZanBarrage. If I find something inspiring it your photo, I will paint an 8”x10” picture of it and pin it on my PINTERESTArt board”. If the painting inspired by your picture captures 30 or more repins, it is yours! I will contact you, get your mailing address and send it to you (unframed).

I won’t be painting every photo, and I will pass on photos that seem to be someone else’s, so please post only ones you have taken. I don’t want to walk over anyone’s copyright. Oh, speaking of copyright, I assume you agree to let me paint the picture if you post it with the #ArtistZanBarrage hashtag!

So what are you waiting for? Look through your photos and start pinning away! Remember to add the hashtag so I can find the photos and know you are allowing me to paint them. I will check daily and paint almost daily as well :) Let's have some fun!


  1. Amusant et intéressant cette initiative... je vais regarder ce qui pourrait peut-être vous convenir... et je vous envoie la photo via mail.
    Gros bisous

  2. What an awesome idea! I've realized lately the best way to produce good art is to keep working at it, good and bad, and every once in a while you'll produce something great. :) I love your examples posted here. I would say you are gaining a maturity online true artists attain.

  3. Sounds awesome! done deal :)

  4. It looks good. Iam also trying art. I am making pictures of South London please visit if you are inerested ;)


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