Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fly Fishing–Morning Rise–Oil on Canvas 16”x20”

Fly fishing is an art form and a sport that I can’t claim much knowledge of at all. The last time I was invited to take part in it, I spent all day just learning how to cast… unsuccessfully  I might add! Still the experience was fascinating. I can’t think of another sport where one has to be as focused and in-tune with the nature around him/her. The best times to fly fish are the worst time for painting of course. Fly fishers rejoice when there is a hatch of flies and the air is full of the monsters! I don’t know of many painters who can paint in such times. I actually tried it once and was covered from top to bottom with a net over my hat and face as well. By the time the 20th fly was stuck on the painting panel though, I had to give up. You just have to accept when its not your time in nature.

Recently I did a bit of pencil sketching and took reference pictures of fly fisher on the credit river. These are the base of some of the works I did and the ones I am working on in the future. I hope to have a fly fishing series to show in my annual fall e-show.

This one is called Morning Rise. It is a larger piece (16”x20” – 40cm x 50cm). Thanks to David Benavidez for helping me name it.

Morning Rise, Oil on canvas, 16”x20” $750

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