Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Harvest Time + a request

Happy New Year!

May the seeds you sow all grow and flourish and may your harvest be plenty in 2o13!

The last painting of 2012 was Harvest Time. I finished it yesterday morning and it is drying on the shelf now. I hope you like it.

Harvest Time, oil on panel 9”x12” (22.8x30.5cm)

Like everyone, I dabble in end of year goal setting outside of work. You know, the weight loss, the exercise, etc… I do that for my art as well.

One of my art goals for 2013 is to grow my Facebook page. I want the page to have over 1,000 followers by the end of 2013 (I am at 490 right now. I know there are services that promise you 1,000 followers in 24 hrs. I am not sure I want that. I want live human beings with whom I can interact, so I will pass on the services. But I need your help. Will you help me by inviting (1) one friend to join my Facebook page? Thank you!

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