Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reset Button

I used to draw much more than I have done lately. I used to carry a sketch-book and draw every chance I had. For the past few years, as I have focused more and more on landscape painting, I let that great habit slip.
Time to hit the reset button. I have decided to focus on drawing the figure and the head for a few weeks. I know I am not good at it – that is really the point! I want to get better at it and I know of only one way to do that. Study, practice and observe intensely.
So while I do not, you may not be seeing a lot of paintings posted on my blog, webpage or Facebook page, but I hope you will agree that for an artist to grow, it is vital to stretch and force discipline and study. I hope I know my art will be better for it.
head  chase
In my younger days, I was in a band. I deeply love music but I never had classical training in it. As I grew, I fell in love with Jazz and Classical music and my skills couldn’t take me there. I was ok with rock and band music, but my lack of training limited my growth. I still love music, but I rarely play anymore. The fundamentals of art are in me, but I need to make sure I don’t fall in the same trap. I am determined to build a solid foundation even as I continue to produce good art. I think it will get better for it, and I can expand my horizon instead of limiting myself to what I know and am comfortable with. So bare with me!!