Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Great Cull of 2013 Begins

4 trashed paintings this week. That is aside from the “Great Cull” that I am in the process of doing on all my previous work. Can you feel my pain? It’s like ripping my heart out! Its like opening your mouth to sing and odd sounds coming out. Uhhhhh.

I recently decided to destroy all but the best work I can create at the time. Not that I was putting out rubbish before, but some of the works I put in public were not up to the standards that I have now defined.


This is going to be gradual. You will see some works disappear never to be seen again, and my output will be slower as well. I will not put anything on my website anymore before I have had time to shred it to bits with an ultra critical and firm eye.

So I can see that this is going to be painful and frustrating and yes expensive, but if my art is going to mean something and if I am going to create value for my collectors, I am confident that I must do this.

Still I hope you don’t mind me sharing my pain!

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