Thursday, October 03, 2013

September Sun – Watercolor

It’s been some time since I wrote a blog post. I am finding it easier to post on Facebook and Twitter than to write a long post here. Sorry, but between family, work, and painting, writing blog posts has to be at the lower end of the needs scale.Nevertheless, I apologies and will try to post more in the coming weeks.

I am working on a series of watercolors mostly done at Scotsdale Farm near Acton Ontario. The series where an inspiration to capture the feeling this farm brings out in me when I visit for painting. I really love the place and have developed a close relationship with nature there. Winter is coming soon, and I will have to paint from accessible spots at the farm, but come next spring I intend to explore areas that I have not painted from before and to capture views that I has not  studied. There is so much there to work on.
This is the second in the series. It is called September Sun. I hope you enjoy it.


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