Wednesday, January 15, 2014

After, watercolor 8"x8"

Proper drawing is one of the foundation of painting. I know many people think that painters don't have to know how to draw. That probably comes from the modern art movement and its lack of focus on fundamentals. It's like saying you don't have to know grammar to write poetry.

The model is the best way to hone drawing skills. The reason for that is simple really. An artist can fake and fudge a landscape and in the process mask his/her drawing skills, but the model is something you can't fudge. We are all familiar with the human figure and you can't really fudge distortions unless you are going to paint like Picasso. Incidentally Picasso was a great drawer. His distortions come from a deliberate style and not from a lack of fundamentals.

I painted this one in the studio from a reference recently. I hope you enjoy it!

After, watercolor 8"x8"
After, watercolor 8"x8"

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