Friday, October 31, 2014

Directions from the edge.

Perhaps incubation is a good thing for artists. I don't know. This time when you feel a lot is bubbling up but the brush is not cooperating and the studio stove has been cold for a while.

I am fed up with the idyllic pastoral landscape... I think. I am attracted to abstraction, to minimization to economy, but is that selling out? Can I pull it off? Is it another long journey that I am starting and do I have to start at the beginning?

I want to break free. I will break free from the confines of the norm. I never meant to be in the normal, in the main stream of art. I always felt I belonged on the edges. I like edges. Unsafe as they are, they are what you can  push against. There is nothing to push against in the middle.

Steven Daedalus I am not. More like a Leopold if you have to peg me, but my mind is racing far beyond the present art that I am doing. It is not satisfying. I need to do more daring things.

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