Thursday, October 26, 2006

Live Model x2

Yesterday I was able to go to another live model session. When I got there (late) I realized just how tired I was. It was probably not a good idea to have gone, but since I was there I decided to make the best of it. Here are the results:
Heather is a big lady, but she pauses very well. I used a Lyra water-soluble graphite for drawing and Cdm Yellow, Cdm Red and Winsor Blue for washes. I did the top sketch with pen of course.

At the Japanese Garden

Hidden in the middle of Mississauga is a jewel of a park. A Japanese garden so peaceful and serene it is a pleasure to walk through...and sketch in. I think the three youths didn't like me being there. They probably wanted to smoke or something. So I just finished my sketch and let them be.

I took the bus the other day

I never thought that public transportation would be so rich with sketching subjects, but here it is. I could spend days doing this!

Of course you have to work fast and the bus does tend to want to participate in your strokes, but for the fare? I can live with that.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

First Live Model Session

Tonight I went to my first live model session. I had no idea what to expect. Of course I expected the college art students (the goatee, funny hat and starving artist look) I got that, but the thrill of drawing and painting from a live model was exceptional.
The sessions were short at first and then got longer. Here are the results. The ones below were from the longer sessions where I could have the luxury of adding watercolors. All in all I am very satisfied with the experience and hope to repeat it again soon.