Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Salmon Arms II

Two summers ago, on a business trip to the BC interior, I had the pleasure of spending a night in Salmon Arms. At the time, I did a lousy watercolour of the view of the lake from the wharf near the Prestige Inn. Although the day was hazy, I made the mistake of placing my board in full sun and the colours came out horrible. In the glaring light of the sun, the colours sparkled with blues and subtle browns, but once indoors, the painting looked horrid. Everything was muddy and drab.

For the past 16 months the painting sat in the growing pile of failures. My growing Tower of London, - or to use a contemporary image - the Guantanamo of my short falls. This week, feeling tired, but wanting to work out a few business frustrations in my mind, I pulled it out and decided to work it over with Oil Pastels. A few hours, and a quick critique from my most trusted and hardest critic later, this emerged.

As much as I love working in watercolours, I am beginning to favour opaque media such as pastels and Acrylics. I haven't touched my Oil paints yet for fear of an asthma reaction, but I would like to get them out eventually. Maybe when the weather gets better in a few months and I can take them outside. For now, I think I will be digging through the pile of failures and trying to save a few.

Salmon Arms, Oil Pastel over Watercolour on Fabriano 140lb Rough paper, 9"x12"