Monday, October 12, 2009

Yes, it is fall

Happy Thanksgiving everyone... well Canadians at least ;)

Small Field In Fall, Oil on canvas, 8"x10"
Up here, fall is in its full glory... and miserable, cold, wet, and windy as well. We all want Autumn to be a colourful Indian Summer of course, but given the real summer that we had (wet, cold, and windy), why should we expect anything better for this season. *sigh*
Anyway, I decided some time last summer not to wait any more on nature for permission to paint. With layers on, and a deep breath, I spent the last two mornings out in the cold with my paints and brushes. Saturday was not too bad actually. Cool, but you could easily spend the day outdoors. Yesterday, on the other hand was hell. The wind just didn't stop and it was COLD. Football weather cold I mean.
Still, I managed to turn out these two. These took a couple of hours each, and I reserve the right to tweak them in the studio. I have not signed them yet. Small Field, was done on Sunday in the cold. Credit From Streetsville was done Saturday. There are subtle colours in the sky in both of these that I am not sure shows through in the photos.

Credit From Streetsville, Oil on canvas, 8"x10"

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Farmland Fall, Halton, ON

Farmland Fall, 8x10, Oil on canvas board

I went out early today. Everyone was fast asleep, and I needed to get some fresh air and put my mind into auto pilot. I get my best thinking done when I am out painting alone and today was no exception. I picked up an Extra large double C at Tim Horton's and headed North. This scene was perfectly placed close to a large shoulder on the road, so I stopped and waited for sunrise. I watched the sky change and the land go from gray to colours. I then spent around two hours working on this one.
I have to start limiting the time I spend on works en plein air. For starters, winter is on its way and I won't be spending a day out there leisurely painting away. Winter is a plein air guerrilla operation. In and out. I did that well last winter, but this summer has been one of long days spent in nature. I have to readjust fast, or suffer as the snow starts blowing.