Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Web Show and Sales (12 Days of Christmas - 12 Plein airs!)

Not many weeks left for the holiday shopping, so here we go: Following on my last very successful web show and sale earlier this year, I have opened three gallery walls here on the blog with 12 plein air works to go with the 12 days of Christmas theme. These are mostly very recent works. Some I have never posted to the blog before. And you may not have seen if you follow my posts. Please visit the gallery pages and take a look. I would love to get your comments there. (Links are above just below the banner).

The paintings are all framed in really nice Palladio Black/Brown archival plein air frames. I love these frames. they are simple and really give the art a good weight. If you like one of these, please click on the "own it" button and you will be taken to Paypal for quick payment. I will have them in the mail fast so you can enjoy them, or share them as a gift for Christmas. If you don't have a Paypal account and do not wish to pay by credit card through Paypal (you don't need to open an account with them), you can just email me and we will figure out a way for you to own the paintings you like in time for the holidays.

I have created a 2011 Calendar that includes all the paintings in this show. You can buy one here if the paintings are out of your budget.

I also made some Christmas cards and a stocking stuffer calendar with a painting I did of St. Michel de Sillery close to Quebec city. You can find all these here.
UPDATE: Get 25% off your calendar purchase by using Coupon code: FLURRY
I hope you enjoy all of these and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rain On Loon Lake

0800 Rain on Loon Lake
Rain On Loon Lake, 8”x 10” Oil on Canvas board, Plein air US$340

Loon lake is in the Haliburton East Highlands in Ontario. I painted this during a heavy down pour. I was on my way back from a weekend of painting when the heavy rains started. I had to park on the side of the road to wait out the worst of it and this was the view from my car window. I did this one in the car and glazed it a few times when it dried.
I love the way the haze turned out in it. Just what I was hoping for. A moody dreamy little gem.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Warming up - Plein Air

No the weather is not warming up :) It is the title of one of the paintings I did this summer at the Brush With The Highlands Plein Air Event. I finally got around to taking photos of a lot of the paintings that I did in the past few months and will start getting them on here.

It has been some time since I last posted. And it has been a very busy month. First I got to go to a great retreat for OPAS on Lake Clear. We were invited to Chris and Bob's Opeongo Mountain Resort where a good group of us spent the weekend painting away. Met a great group of OPAS members in the Ottawa valley. They will be opening what promises to be one of the most active chapters of OPAS ever! (More about this in another post to follow soon).

And now I am neck deep in preparation for the OPAS show at the JEH MacDonald house which opens next Friday. This is our first show and it promises to be a great one. over 100 artworks will be on display in this historic and hallowed ground for Canadian artists. We also have a great opening coming up on Friday with Susan MacDonald, grand niece of JEH MacDonald opening the show for us. You don't want to miss this one. It is going to be great. I will try to tweet from there.

Here is Warming up. I painted this one early on a summer morning in Wilberforce. The sun was still making its way up and the air and ground were still cold. The colour of the light had not yet turned warm as it does on hot summer days. It was still a cool light - warming up. This one will be on display at the

Warming Up, Plein Air 8"x10" Oil on Linen on board