Saturday, October 29, 2011

Painting In The Rain

Earlier this summer I spent a rainy morning at Glamour Lake in the Haliburton Highlands in Ontario.

I woke up to a thick fog with a faint drizzle. Most people would have called it a day and made other plans, but I felt it was a nice challenge and a change from the pervasive greens of summer. So I headed out towards Glamour Lake hoping that the fog would not burn off too quickly and that I would capture its effect when I got there.

45457788The fog stayed and the drizzle turned to a heavy downpour. After thinking things through for a couple of minutes, I decided to rig up the back of my Santa Fe so I could paint in shelter. I opened the hatch and rigged my umbrella to the end of it for extra cover. I then set up my pochade took a deep breath and started working.

As I mixed the colours and tried to get as close as possible to the feel of the day, I realized that I could probably work on multiple scenes at the same time. If the weather was not changing, the colours and shadows if any, were not changing either and that would allow me to do much more.

Highlands East-20110729-00043So I prepped three panels and focused on what I was trying to accomplish. The scene in front of me was moody and full of subtlety. A small wooded island in the middle of a vast lake in the poring rain. I could have done a diptych and to be honest that is what I had in mind at first, but in the middle of the creative process, I decided to let loose and paint what I felt was the most compelling view at the moment.

Highlands East-20110729-00047The result were these three works below. Mind you I have to be fair and say that in one of them, Mina -  my camping cat companion who travelled on the summer camping trip -  was a contributing artist. She sat on one of the wet panels and rearranged my composition. When I tried to “save” it, I realized that the way she reshaped the negative space was much better than the way I did it, so I accepted her contribution and continued working on the panel as she had modified it!!

PouringOnGlamourlake1a  PouringOnGlamourlake2a  PouringOnGlamourlake3a

These three would work well together on a warm coloured wall I think. In fact a deep red or burnt sienna wall would really make them stand out.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

You are Cyber-Invited!

I just finished putting the final touches on my online exhibition. I hope you will like it. The initial feedback from the previews has been great.

The concept is a bit of a leap in to science fiction really. It is a cyber exhibition made to look and feel like  the real thing. To enjoy it in the best way, close your email and any other pages on your computer, put on some good music, grab a glass of white or red and click on the link below. I will be in the chat room at the end of the hall (cyber hall) waiting to answer any questions between 7pm and 10pm on Sunday. I will also be giving away around 15 works to visitors who share a link on Facebook. I hope you will be one of the ones receiving one of the gifts.

See you there!

The link will go live at 6:55PM!


Sunday, October 09, 2011

Plein Air Painting Challenge–Unionville

Today I participated in the Ontario Plein Air Society Unionville Plein Air challenge. This one my first. I had organized and ushered the one OPAS had last month at the JEH Macdonald house so I couldn’t really participate.
This one was a real treat. The Varley Art Gallery as well as the city of Markham and the Markham Art Council worked with us to make a superb event. We all got together at around 11am for registration and hit the road at 12pm. We had two hours to come back with a framed painting and display it on the grounds of the Varley Art Gallery. Here is my meek effort:
Unionville, Oil on panel 8"x10"

Shipping & Framing Options
We all had a great time and what a crowd showed up!! Hundreds of people viewed the works in progress and finished on display. We all  had the pleasure of enjoying a heck of a fall day in Unionville.