Sunday, November 13, 2011

Traverse In Blue Minor

I was recently asked by a friend and collector to paint a small work with a Scanblue theme. I love blues. They are so rich and varied and moody. After a moment’s hesitation (a commission is a tough thing to do well and keep everyone happy), I said yes.

I started by asking my friend to help me define the colours that she wanted. I was looking for a mood and a general idea of what colours interested her. There are so many blues and so many variations that you could fill many pages with swatches of blue. I sent her a swatch of blues and a few accent colours and she chose the ones that she liked.

Once that was done, I had to marry the colours to a theme.

concept01Many themes came to mind Sea scape? Winter snow scene? Or my favourite: Rain? I did a few sketches and them sent her a scan of a rough pencil sketch of a rainy urban scene. This would form the theme of the painting. The details would have to build their way in the work itself.


Work in progress:

wiptraverseinblueminor wip2traverseinblueminor


TraverseInBlueMinorsmlSo here is the final work after a few weeks of letting it brew in my mind. It took me three sessions to complete this one.

The Mood: Its a cold rainy afternoon. You are heading home from work or shopping. The crowds on the street are starting to get thicker. At the crossing, the cars come to a slow stop. You can hear the swish of the water on the tires and you can hear the humming of the idling engines.

I love the mystery of a rainy day. Something about the umbrellas and the hushed crowds attracts me to it like a cup of warm coffee. So… What do you think? Does it take you there?

Friday, November 04, 2011

Going On a Bounce–Evening @ Bus Stop

This is a bit of a departure for me from the usual landscape works that I love doing to an abstraction of an urban moment. I loved doing it and I am still on a high just looking at it. It may look like my cat did it, but honestly, it was a thrill just letting go.
Bus Stop
Evening @ Bus Stop, Ink and Watercolour on paper, 5”x7” (NFS Yet enjoying it too much)
I call it Evening @ Bus Stop. I wonder what you think of it?