Friday, October 31, 2014

Directions from the edge.

Perhaps incubation is a good thing for artists. I don't know. This time when you feel a lot is bubbling up but the brush is not cooperating and the studio stove has been cold for a while.

I am fed up with the idyllic pastoral landscape... I think. I am attracted to abstraction, to minimization to economy, but is that selling out? Can I pull it off? Is it another long journey that I am starting and do I have to start at the beginning?

I want to break free. I will break free from the confines of the norm. I never meant to be in the normal, in the main stream of art. I always felt I belonged on the edges. I like edges. Unsafe as they are, they are what you can  push against. There is nothing to push against in the middle.

Steven Daedalus I am not. More like a Leopold if you have to peg me, but my mind is racing far beyond the present art that I am doing. It is not satisfying. I need to do more daring things.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Virtual Exhibition Coming Back Soon!

OK, yes I admit,  I have not been posting my art lately as frequently as I used to. But I have not dropped off the face of the art world and my brushes have not been dry either.

Do you enjoy visiting art galleries, but find that they are too far from where you are or that you don't have the time or maybe the energy to get to one this season? In  the past I have enjoyed putting together an online exhibition event that looks and feels like a real gallery visit, albeit a virtual one. It involves virtual framing, and virtual hanging of actual paintings that will go on sale during the exhibition.

The exciting thing about exhibitions, is that you expect to see works that you have not seen before and you expect them to be of a standard that merits your time and attention.

I am  working on just that right now. A virtual exhibition that will start on the first week of November and go to the end of the month. It will include only new works that have never been seen before, and the works will be priced to sell fast and just in time for the holidays.

I am hard at work to put this together, but I am also open to suggestions and ideas. What would you like to see? What price range would you like to have (no commitments I just want to know what people expect to pay nowadays)? If you have seen any of my virtual exhibitions before, what did you like/not like in them and what would you suggest that I can do to make them better?

In short, I am asking for your help to make this upcoming exhibition a success. Will you help me?