Sunday, November 02, 2014

Letter from the edge II

Recently I have come to understand the landscape as a metaphor for emotion and mood. I actually always knew that, but in my effort to interpret the physical, I had been unable to leap beyond the scene and into the pure interpretation of the metaphor. The trees got in the way so to speak.

Looking back I can see that my work has always been close to leaping into the metaphor. I have always shunned photo-realism and even in my realist style, I tended away from copying nature. It doesn't need it.

Something was missing though. As I started seeing the landscape designs repeating and interpretive techniques becoming a routine, I needed more. I needed my paintings to stop aping the late 19th Century realist/impressionist art and move on. I needed my art to be mine. 

So where to now? I am not sure. I am in my studio working on watercolors and acrylic pieces. I have chosen not to review them yet so once I am done with them they go face down and out of sight. I need to do this. I need to have a couple of dozen done before I lay them out and see what they are telling me. To have a map for where I am going. I know that wherever that place is or that road leads, some will like it and others will not. I, already feel freed. I need to go there.