Monday, January 22, 2007

John Singer Sargent's Pallete

I am always interested in finding out the colors that great artists use. Not that duplicating them would give one their ability to use them, but just knowing the pallete is a great insight into the works.

So here is Sargent's Pallete:

Alizarin Carmine (Newman)
Brown Pink (Newman)
Burnt Sienna (Newman)
Cadmium Yellow Pale (Newman)
Cadmium Yellow #2 (Newman)
Chrome Yellow (Newman)
Cobalt Blue (Newman)
Gamboge (Weber)
Lamp Black (Winsor and Newton)
Rose Madder (Winsor and Newton)
Ultramarine (Schminke)
Vandyke Brown (Newman)
Scarlet Vermillion (Winsor and Newton)
Deep Vermillion (Hatfield)
Viridian (Winsor and Newton)

This is mostly a warm pallete with 3 or 4 cooler colors only (Alizarin Carmine, Cobalt Blue, Rose Madder, and Viridian) I am so glad to see Lamp Black there. I love the color and its effect. A much better choice than the other blacks out there. It has a lovely texture and granulates beautifully.