Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009 Goals update

It is amazing what happens when you set goals. I have not looked at this post since January, but the fact that I posted my goals back then for the year was enough to get me started on the. So here is a check with three months to go in the year:

Art Goals for 2009:

I will join a local art society
There are two in Mississauga that I would like to be part of: Visual Arts Mississauga and Mississauga Art Council.

NOT YET. I am not sure which one to join really.

I will focus on working en plein air and join or create a local Plein air group
I am waiting for Plein Air Canada to get their act together and open activities, but I am not sure what they have in mind. From their site I believe they are a group artists who do plein air work, but they seem to be focused on their own workshops. If they don't plan to create not-for-profit plein air activities, I may have to start my own group. At any event, I would much prefer a small local group to a national group. I will wait until the spring and make a decision.

DONE. Spent most of the summer out there despite the rain. Created OPAS and it is building nicely

I will participate in at least two art competitions
I am not sure which ones I will submit works to, but I will participate in two without fail.
DONE. I even won an award!

I will paint bigger
While small paintings are easier from a time commitment perspective for me, they are not helping me grow. I will still do small works, but I will aim to not buy anymore canvases or pads that are smaller than 8x10 - except for sketchpads of course. When my supply of small canvases and pads (4x5; ACEOs; 4x6 and 5x7) are finished, I will refrain from buying any more in those sizes.
DONE. Nothing less than an 8x10 this year really.

I will give at least one plein air workshop this year
This will not be related to the plein air group. The group - if I have to create it - will be strictly for active plein air artists and will be support and activity driven.

NOT YET. Just lack of time really.

I will mentor Children in art, starting with my kids
My kids are natural artists... or so I think. Ha! I will work with them to expand their creative reach and help them explore painting. I will also do that with other kids through my wife's art project if I am called on.
DONE. My kids, but I need to do more.

I will help my wife kick start her art project
Sometimes it is hard for me to not jump in and take control especially when it is something that concerns someone I love, but my goal this year is to be supportive and helpful, not driving and influencing.
~ Well I am trying!
Not too bad so far. Hope to do more ;)

Monday, September 07, 2009

How to Build a Pochade Box For Plein Air Painting II

Following numerous requests from readers, I have put together a detailed plan for building a beautiful pochade box. The plan will guide you to build a 15.5”x12.5”x2.5” pochade and an accompanying wet panel carrier – The pochade can carry a single 11”x14” wet panel.

I plan to add dividers shortly, to allow you to carry several size panels and not be limited to 11”x14” size. The dividers will be for the pochade and the wet panel carriers and will allow you to carry 5”x7”, 6”x8” and 8”x10” panels. If there is a need for 9”x11” dividers or any other size, I can make that as well. Please let me know. I can also scale the size down if there is a desire. I just need to hear your feedback.

What is really nice about this plan is that it utilizes off-the-shelf items from your hardware store and the minimum of tools to build. You do not need to be good at carpentry to finish this versatile and professional looking pochade.

The main reason that I built mine and why I am making the plans available is that I am a heavy user of my pochade. I can’t think of spending over $500 on one and use and abuse it as I do. I want one that is rugged and slick at the same time; one that can withstand my abuse without looking like a tank.

I have been building and planning pochades for over 7 years now. They have become successively more versatile and easier to build. This one is the best. I hope you will agree.

To order your plans ($2.99) please click here

Since I posted my video on how to make a cigar box into a painting box for plein air painting, I have had many people email me to ask about the pochade that I featured at the end of the video. I finally took some time this weekend and taped this video about building a full fledged pochade box. It was easier for me to tape and edit this video than to build detailed plans and post them on the Internet. I hope that once you see this video you will be able to build your own pochade box. They are not hard to build really. What took the most time for me was working through the problems and finding ways around them. With this video, you should have very few problems left to work around.

See previous video installment on this topic here: