Sunday, January 18, 2009

My New Home Made Pochade box

Following numerous requests from readers, I have put together a detailed plan for building a beautiful pochade box. The plan will guide you to build a 15.5”x12.5”x2.5” pochade and an accompanying wet panel carrier – The pochade can carry a single 11”x14” wet panel.

I plan to add dividers shortly, to allow you to carry several size panels and not be limited to 11”x14” size. The dividers will be for the pochade and the wet panel carriers and will allow you to carry 5”x7”, 6”x8” and 8”x10” panels. If there is a need for 9”x11” dividers or any other size, I can make that as well. Please let me know. I can also scale the size down if there is a desire. I just need to hear your feedback.

What is really nice about this plan is that it utilizes off-the-shelf items from your hardware store and the minimum of tools to build. You do not need to be good at carpentry to finish this versatile and professional looking pochade.

The main reason that I built mine and why I am making the plans available is that I am a heavy user of my pochade. I can’t think of spending over $500 on one and use and abuse it as I do. I want one that is rugged and slick at the same time; one that can withstand my abuse without looking like a tank.

I have been building and planning pochades for over 7 years now. They have become successively more versatile and easier to build. This one is the best. I hope you will agree.


  1. Hi There Fawzan!
    I found your blog through the BHS70 site! First of all, I also am afraid of power tools! Your Art as well as your handcrafted wooden Pochade box are both truly beautiful!

    I attended BHS from 1966-1969. It's especially hard to find lost classmates at BHS because so many students have lived & studied at BHS for such extended amounts of time!
    Thanks! Julianna ;)

  2. Thank you Juli. I went to BHS from 1967 to 1973, so we must have been there around the same time!!

  3. What a nice Pochade box. I do wish I were handier with my hands and could use your pattern. I'm always trying to get sons, brothers, and husband to make stuff for me and they always say yes but mean no as the Pochade box would remain in the planning stages forever, lol.

    So nice that you have found another BHS connection. Hello Juli, I am a BHS mom.

  4. Hello;
    Looks like a great pochade.
    Yes I would pay $5.00 for a detailed plan. sounds great.

  5. Hello there Fawzan,
    I am just starting plein air painting, and want to make a pochade box. Your video of how to make a pochade box is really well done! I would like to make a pochade box like the one here on your blog.
    The sliding parts that hold the panel make it very versatile for painting different sizes, and the storage space behind for extra panels is a great idea. I would be very happy to pay $5 for a copy of your plans of how to make this pochade box.
    Congratulations on your pochade box design, and your lovely paintings. They are beautiful, full of color and light.


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